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Meet Marsha 

Marsha McRae, MS,
Certified Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Coach

Marsha McRae is the creator of Gem Cut Fitness. Marsha’s love for fitness began at an early age. She played numerous sports including basketball, softball and track and field. As an athlete, she ran track at UNC Chapel Hill where she was a jumper. After college, her love for fitness continued. She completed her Masters of Science in Exercise Science with a focus in Strength and Conditioning at
George Washington University. She is an Exercise Physiologist who worked at Georgetown University’s Cancer Center. At Georgetown, Marsha did research on minority women who have been diagnosed or at risk for breast cancer. Through this research, Marsha became passionate in understanding how hormones impact women’s health. Marsha’s research focus has been on obesity, exercise and weight loss in women at increased risk for noncommunicable diseases. She has contributed to research articles that focused on women’s health. Not only has Marsha focused on women, but she has a love for female athletes. She believes that if you understand the female anatomy you can help improve the health of the female athlete.

Marsha’s love to educate and help others learn to live a healthier lifestyle has helped her further her career. She believes that a large majority of health issues that individuals develop can be treated through  living a healthier lifestyle. It is her goal to help educate as many women, and youth to understand their health so they can increase their quality of life.


A Message From Marsha  

Hello Jewels! I’m here to help build and shape you into the best gem that you can be. Sometimes we
may play the comparison game in which we may desire to have the lean, curvy, or straight shape as
other women may have. I want you Jewels to know that we are all special! There is no gem shaped the
same however, we can agree that they are all unique and beautiful. I am deeply inspired to help you
reach your goals and sustain them through hard work and consistency. Throughout this process, I aim to
help you grow physically and mentally. I want everyone that visits the site to know and understand their
worth! For a woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual!

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