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Online Coaching Services 

Is This You...

  • Overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated with your health? 

  • Experiencing health conditions and you desire to make a healthy lifestyle change.

  • Experiencing weight that use to leave so easily now sticks around?

  • Feel you need help to get back on track and become healthy again?   


When you invest in your health, you invest in your well-being


What We Do

Gem Cut Fitness is an online personal training service that provides online training through our app.

With online training you may feel sceptic with this type of service.  However, you are able to receive the same expert coaching advice, guidance, and quality service as 1 -1 coaching and more!  I am able to monitor your progress and provide accountability. Through this process I hope to make you feel empowered about your health.  To understand and connect with your body and know what it needs.  Working with Gem Cut Fitness, I am able to help educate you with your health and create successful habits that I believe will increase your quality of life. 

What Clients Are Saying 


So glad I decided to take the chance to work on improving "Me." Since working out, not only do I look better physically, but mentally and emotionally I feel amazing! Thank you!          J. Blue 

"Marsha is my personal trainer and I've finally found something I can stick with for the long run.  I can say so much about her obvious knowledge and passion she has for her profession; however, I'm more impressed with her impeccable tolerance while training me (whose in my early 60s) for balance, flexibility, and basic core.  I absolutely love her positive attitude, consistency, and professionalism.  She's grounded with strong faith and she believes in me! I am much stronger than ever before since training with Marsha and she celebrates my victories.  She is a game changer indeed. Thank you Marsha for all you do! You are very much appreciated!   V. Huggins 


It can be intimidating when looking at fitness gurus and imaging all the work it will take to reach your fitness goals but working with Marsha has erased that feeling. Her trainings not only help you to get stronger and closer to your goals but she also helps you build your confidence and self motivation along the way. While my fitness journey has been far from easy, working with Masha has made the transition so much better. She is extremely patient and her trainings will push you to levels that you didn't know you could reach in which the outcome is something you will love. Being able to fully see my strength and endurance increase has been life changing for me.  I can honestly say that training with Marsha has gotten me to levels that I didn't think I could reach."    S. Campbell 

Several months ago, I started exercising with Marsha as my trainer.  Not having exercised for a long time I was apprehensive, and having finished chemotherapy for breast cancer I felt very weak physically. I met and got to know her, and I knew that she was the perfect coach for me.  She is professional yet kind, patient, and understanding.  Her encouragement and knowledge has given me the confidence that I needed to start this program. After several months I am pleased with my progress and feel assured that with her continued training and encouragement, I would continue getting good results and attain my goal."         N. Johnson

If you’re ready to stop guessing what to do to reach your body goals and learn a proven strategy

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