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Creating Your Gem!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Let’s keep it real, we all have parts of our bodies that we wish we could immediately fix or

get rid of. That is why we may dibble and dabble in quick fix creams, fat loss tools, or even

surgery. A large portion of my life I have dealt with my own weight and image insecurities.

Many nights I would lay in bed and think, “Tomorrow, I am going to start new, this is it!” Just

to continue with the same routine I had previously been doing the next day. I would stand in

the mirror body shaming myself and saying, “What’s wrong with you girl? GET IT

TOGETHER!” I would also daydream and do my “Sexy Time Poses.” Holding my hands

above my head, “slightly” sucking in my stomach, turning to the side, and arching my back

in the mirror. This image had me all in my feelings believing that I was the next swim suit

model for Sports Illustrated. Just to let my hands down, stomach out, and reduce back arch

to see that I resemble a model for Pregnancy Magazine. Ladies you know what I’m talking

about! It was a never-ending struggle to want to look perfect but really feel horrible. There

is so much in society to make us feel that we should strive for perfection. We proudly sing

Beyonce’s Flawless however, we truly feel like singing Pretty Hurts. Ok, off my feminist

soap box and back to the topic.

What is Fitness? Fitness can be defined as being physically fit and healthy. A lot of times

when we hear physically fit, we think of swimsuit models however, it means, a state of being

able to perform sports, occupations, and daily activities at a healthy level. Our mindset on

the true definition of fitness has shifted from internal benefits to physical benefits. It doesn’t

help when we see all the magazine covers, Instagram models, and supplements in the


My thought process on fitness shifted when I started looking at family members and friends

and seeing how their health declined. Individuals developing different diseases (cancer,

diabetes, etc.), body pains (shoulders, knees, etc.), as well as hormonal imbalances

(fertility, weight gain, etc). You can look like a fitness model and still have a large majority of

these issues. I hurt for those individuals and wanted to better for myself as well as my

loved ones. That’s why I changed my fitness narrative. My focus is more so the health of

internal body than the external. Why am I focusing on the internal?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We all want the best diamonds. If we are thinking about

marriage, well our partner/fiancé-to-be, better get us the best one! Now we know the 4 c’s

when it comes to diamonds: cut, color, carat, and clarity. We all know the color we want, be

it clear, yellow, blue, etc. The size of the diamond (carat) can increase the price. The cut,

meaning the shape can drive the price up too, however, it’s the clarity that steals the show.

The clarity focuses on the inside and the number of flaws that are internally. If the diamond

has nice cuts and size but is not clear then the price will decrease.

We should strive to be like the clarity of a diamond. Focus on our internal health first. How

we eat, workout, and our mental capacity. If we focus on these things first, we will be able

to see a change in our overall health.

It may sound easy but it isn’t. We must be willing to unpack years of bad habits through

eating, exercising, and our thinking. Some days it seems like it’s easy and some days you

may want to cuss and say screw it. I know, I’ve been there….(2 hours earlier). However,

we must ask ourselves, Am I Worth It. Heck yeah, I am worth it! I am worth it, because I

love me! I love my cellulite, that extra roll, and that stretch mark that just popped up from

nowhere. I must love myself in order to help myself. Being able to embrace my body has

helped me embrace the most important thing and that is my health and wellbeing. So, my

beautiful Jewels, as the day ends, ask yourself what makes Your Health Worth It.

Comment below and start with me creating your perfect gem!

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